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Equity Release Partners is committed to providing a transparent approach to business. We wish to build trust with referral partners. Being open and honest in our product proposition is just one of our core principles.
Therefore, we present our equity release comparison table which helps our partners to understand the range of voluntary repayment mortgage plans we have available from the whole of the equity release market.
Should there be interest in developing an equity release partnerships further, you can request Key Facts Illustrations for your clients, following initial discussions with one of our qualified equity release advisers.
  • Drawdown
  • Lump Sum
  • BTL/2nd Home
  • Voluntary Repayment
  • Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • RIO
  • Ill-Health
Provider Product Name Type Rate APR Incentive
smartER Platinum Plus Fixed 7.69% 8.08% Yes

smartER Gold Fixed 7.50% 7.87% Yes

smartER Lite Fixed 7.41% 7.78% Yes

smartER Super Lite Fixed 7.32% 7.68% Yes

Heritage Super Fixed 6.60% 6.92% Yes

Emerald Fixed 7.78% 8.14% Yes

Emerald (fee-free) Fixed 7.82% 8.23% Yes

Premier Flexible Opal Fixed 6.09% 6.30% Yes

Flexible Opal Fixed 6.18% 6.40% Yes

Premier Flexible Carbon Fixed 6.23% 6.50% Yes

Flexible Opal (fee-free) Fixed 6.22% 6.40% Yes

Flexible Carbon Fixed 6.32% 6.60% Yes

Flexible Carbon (fee-free) Fixed 6.36% 6.60% Yes

Premier Flexible Black Lifetime Mortgage Premier Flexible Black Fixed 6.51% 6.80% Yes

Pure Retirement Classic Voluntary Payment Lite Plan Classic Drawdown Lite Fixed 6.44% 6.74% Yes

Flexible Yellow Lifetime Mortgage Flexible Yellow Fixed 7.41% 7.70% Yes

Voluntary Repayment Lifetime Mortgage Plan Lifestyle Flexible Option Fixed 7.11% 7.50% Yes

Capital Choice Plan Capital Choice Plan Fixed 7.30% 7.62% Yes

OneFamily Lifetime Mortgages Voluntary Payment Lite - Fixed Fixed 7.90% 8.19% Yes

Capital Choice Plus Plan Capital Choice Plus Plan Fixed 8.00% 8.37% Yes

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